Electronic Device Solution Inc.
Developed the Components of
AESA radar 'The Eyes of Fighter Aircraft'

Electronic Device Solution Inc. is a one of the top leader in RF technology that develops and manufactures parts of KF-X AESA radar.

Electronic Device Solution Inc.
earned certification in the AS9100
Quality Management System

Based on the AS9100, we provide optimized solutions with a variety of processes from design to production.

Entering the Defense Industry,
Localization of Practical Core Components

Electronic Device Solution Inc. work hard for localization of various RF products as a small and strong defense venture company.

The Best Made In Korea RF Products
RF Components, Parts, and Modules of
Electronic Device Solution Inc.

Electronic Device Solution Inc. produces components, parts, and modules that need to use in military systems and industrial systems.

Business Area

We create grand Innovation


Product Planning


Product Design


Prototype Production




The road that DS Electronics has taken, We guide you through the issues of the week.



AS 9100 Get Certified

Electronic Device Solution Inc.  was officially registered with OASIS after obtaining AS9100 quality certification 

after being evaluated for quality ability by DNV·GL, an official certification authority.

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Better life with Technology

We will open up a hopeful future with constant research and development and innovative thinking about electronic technology. We will create a warm and beautiful world that promises a prosperous future based on the best technology and research in Korea.

About DS
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